20 Tips For Beginners Blogger

Nowadays, many people have their own blogs and these blogs are a very important step in reaching the targeted audience. There are many ways to improve your readership and maximize the efficiency of your publications. That’s why I made a list of 20 tips for beginners:

1- Do not turn your back on innovations

This road you go out is a long way and you will continue to learn new things as you move along this path. Every content you write, every comment you read is a step to learn something new. So read articles on every topic, do not ignore comments and criticism, and focus on improving yourself by keeping your mind constantly open.

2- Be yourself

Most new bloggers fall into this flaw. They try to act like the people they are not actually in the content they publish, but this is a big mistake. If you address a certain audience, your readers should love your style. So integrate your spoken language into your writing language and keep your voices heard while reading your content. This criterion is very important in terms of both creating a sincere environment and creating your own identity.

3. Specify what you enjoy writing

It’s also important that you write about each topic, how important it is to have a broad category, how you enjoy writing, and how you produce content about the issues you really are judge on. Identify your main destinations, select the exit point of your blog, and continue from that path.

4- Be attractive

The first important rule of attraction is to be unpredictable. Surprising your readers is an important aspect of your blog’s future and continuity. You must avoid producing predictable, stereotyped content. If blogger is an ocean, swiming on the water will not lead you to one place. You need to take a deep breath and dive into the depths of the water and find new and interesting things that have not been noticed before.

Be original

I am aware of how difficult it is to find unique and unprecedented topics and to mention them in our day. So, even if it is not unique, your unique presentation is another key that will carry you upstairs. Even if the topic you are talking about has been covered by many bloggers, lean back and try to think about the different angles. Show them what they read on their faces that have not gone to the surface of the day. In short; If you can not find something new to say, you should find a different way of saying it.

6- Present the evidence

If you have a case, be sure to have evidence about the subject you claim to have. Everything we meet on the internet may not be right, and this can make readers nervous over time. You have to be trustworthy in order to avoid this situation and you need to reflect on your readers. The simplest way to do this is to present evidence that fills the back of your claims. Remember, the more reliable your content, the easier it will be to get an audience.

Write about topics that are on the agenda

Stay up-to-date with current events and social media jitters in the near future. This is a simple and effective way to attract your visitors to your blog, and is a good opportunity to keep your blog updated at the same time.

8- Write often

You do not have to write your content in a specific program, but it is important to write it regularly to stay in mind of your readers. Depending on your blog’s focus, you should publish content twice or three times a week, or even every day if possible. It is also very important to be consistent in what you write, that is, not contradicting yourself.

9 – Continue reading

Try to discover a new blog every day. Find and record tools that other blog authors use to help you. Take a look at the comments that rival blogs have made about what you think you should not mention. You can not always write about the things you love, so you have to read and write an opinion about subjects you do not like even if you do not care.

10- Make your messages accessible

As the content you print increases, you should not think that your remaining content has lost its significance. If you are beginning to address a mass, your readers will love your content. Do this by sending your readers the content you have already written or making it easier for your readers to reach them. In other words, try not to alienate any of your potential readers.

11- Add pictures and videos

People often prefer to watch long videos, watch videos that entertain them, or watch videos about a topic that you will write about. This can give you an opportunity. Publish your own videos with original and entertaining pictures. Be sure you will see the benefit.

12 – Pay attention to the length of your content

It usually takes about 300 words for your posts to be recognized by a search engine like Google. When you look at SEO, it is very important that you always stay on a corner of your mind. In addition, you should be able to adjust the length of your content according to the taste and taste of your readers. You should be aware of your readers’ language, be aware of their attention span and advise that you adjust your content content accordingly.

13- Take the risk

Do not be afraid to discover new ideas. Do not hesitate to write new ideas, new trends, and content that will attract readers and save your blog from monotony. This saves your blog from uniformity and helps you gain new readers.

14- Know your boundaries

It is very important that you know yourselves, know where you can do what you can, and have an idea of ​​where you should stand. As I mentioned at the beginning, you have come a long way, and there are countless more things to learn on this path. But if something is bothering you, maybe there is a reason, do not take it.

15- Use appropriate labels

The tags you use in your content are an important influence on providing traffic to your blog, and the correct and proper use of these tags is a matter of concern for you and for the future of your blog.

16- Try to introduce yourself

Share your work on all existing social media platforms to maximize your reach and grow your privacy. Research on personal development and self-awareness. Even if you do not have bilateral relationships for your blog, it will provide great benefits indirectly, so you can share your work with other bloggers, get good feedbacks, and make progress on mutual benefits if you can build relationships once in a while.

17- Edit your content

One of the most important criteria for your current or potential readers is your content layout. Writing mistakes, incorrect or unnecessary word usage that you will also be doing on your publications can prevent your traffic and cause your visit to open with your visit. Because of this, carefully review your content and fix any errors before publishing.

18- Quality is more important than numbers

The more content you have, the higher your chances of being recognized and promoted by search engines. However, this does not mean that you must publish a content that you are not prepared or are not sure of the quality to be published solely. Poor quality, content that does not add anything to your readers reduces the number of potential visitors to your blog, and erroneous and literally unfinished content is not liked by search engines. So “Quality> Quantity”.

19- Give importance to feedback

Allow comments and see what your readers are saying about your content. Maybe they know something you do not know or they’ll help you fix a mistake. Try to respond to incoming comments as much as possible. Mutual dialogue is important and plays a crucial role in forming a bond between you and your readers.

20- Create lists

People wonder when they see a number in the titles of your blog posts, and they want to read the content of the article. So create lists that will inspire your readers and use the altitudes of the list you mentioned in the titles of your content.

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