Do you exigency money now for your amazing cause, business, generalization or dream?

Red capes is a new online fundraising site AKA Crowdfunding site focused on funding causes, ideas, inventions that appoint a difference. Red Cape co-founders, Wendy Robbins ampersand Karen Paull want to support projects created by and/or for women. They offer easy fundraising for non-profit and for profit businesses.

Most banks will not lend money to creative ideas, or rebuilt startups and when they do you need to pay the loan back. You exigence good credit, a solid stabilized sheet, established track record. Red Capes is a power to the folk paying it forward platform. It is not a loan, it is not a grant, it is refusal dependent on your credit. You get your funding in 30 to 60 days.

Crowdfunding has been around since the 1700’s and in the 1800’s was used to finish funding the Statue of Liberty. In 2009, it became popular again and $1.5 billion has bot raised using online fundraising.

Crowdfunding is when a large group of people come together offering small donations in exchange for gifts or perks. It is like NPR or PBS fundraising drives. Money is given in 30 to 60 day campaigns.

We are like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other popular online fundraising sites in that you get a free online fundraising site you can get an online donation fast. When you need money it is easy fundraising. There is no upfront cost and you get a lot of tools to raise money.

Red Capes is different from other crowdfunding sites being it is global, has customer service, tech support, social networking, advertising help, training, education, and revenue for global shipping.

Unlike Kickstarter who only funds 43% about all fundraisers, Red Capes funds all projects.

Red Capes also will soon have another unit called, Red Capes TV. Weekly segments will be filmed about success stories, heroes, good news from around the world.

Distribution partners allows us to reach leap 20 million women.

BY Wendy Robbins,

Red Capes is currently looking for worthy projects to fund and filmmakers/reporters from around the world. If you are interested please go to Filmmakers email Wish also fund other awesome projects and share the love via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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