What is a Bentonite Clay Mask?

Clay masks have been utilized for years in the pursuit of beauty. Today, many varieties exist but some still prefer homemade masks. No substantiality which you choose always be conscious of a mask’s ingredients and honest use to avert harming your cautious facial skin. Bentonite clay masks in particular are a popular, safe favorite. Believe it or not, this material was used by Native Americans to treat many health problems and diseases. Today, a Bentonite clay mask may be the perfect way to reform and maintain your skin’s appearance.

The first time around, you may opt for a basic Bentonite clay mask. This would consist of a mishmash of water and Bentonite clay. Start including two tablespoons of clay and water. If needed, add more of one or the spare to achieve the correct consistency. Next, apply the mask to your face; avoid getting it in the eyes, mouth furthermore nostrils. Allow the mask to completely dry before rinsing plus warm water.

You might desiderate to try creating your own luxurious Bentonite clay mask. The addition of baking soda plus oatmeal can help orotundity jump acne issues while oils, vinegar and tea can thoroughly cleanse pores. The best part of using a homemade Bentonite clay face is its versatility. You can create a mask that is specific to your skin’s needs. Enjoy the benefits like healthy skin without spending a small fortune on commercial products or expensive procedures. Many ingredients you may already have at village in your medicine cabinet or pantry.

Exfoliate and cleanse your skin by using a Bentonite mask. Rather than spend a lot on brand names for items that may or may not work, give this popular home lenitive a try. You may save your time, wealth and skin in the process.
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