How To Choose The Best Cpap Machine And Cpap Mask For Sleep Apnea

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and your doctor has ethical use of a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine, it can live difficult to decide which one will best suit your needs. Thus it is not everlastingly covered by insurance, and you are going to need it for a protracted time, it is best to compare the available models before you purchase a CPAP machine. Here are a few factors to consider.


If you find yourself frequently traveling for business oppositely pleasure, be indisputable to choose a model that is portable, compact, and easy to take with you. The 420G Traveler, ZzzPap, M Series Remstar Plus DS200, and the AEIOMed Everest 2 CPAP machines are all relatively small, but the Everest 2 is the smallest even with the optional heated humidifier attached. All of these machines are available with an contingent DC sovereignty supply for you car’s cigarette lighter with the exception of the ZzzPap. The AEIOMed Everest 2 is the merely CPAP machine that receptacle be run with an optional integrated battery, making it the ideal choice for traveling by airplane.

Heated Humidifier

Clinical research has shown that CPAP patients tend to treffen more tractable with the addition of heated humidity to their CPAP program. All four machines mentioned above comprise an optional heated humidifier available, but only the Everest 2’s humidifier vessel also be powered toward the DC potentiality supply. When choosing a CPAP machine with the heated humidifier, tend in mind how much space the machine will take up with the humidifier attached.

Adjustable Ramp and Exhalation Pressure Alleviation

Ramp is used to temporarily lower the air pressure initially to allow the CPAP machine user to fall asleep more easily. The pressure then gradually increases to the prescribed level. Adjustable ramp settings allow the user to set the amount of time it takes for the CPAP machine to reach the prescribed level. For instance, the Everest 2 allows the user to set the ramp time halfway 5 – 45 minutes in 5 minute increments.

Some CPAP machines, such as the Remstar Plus, include a feature the decreases the air flow pressure when you exhale. Exhalation pressure relief is usually not a necessary feature, and most CPAP machines that include it are much more expensive.

Most Important – Comfort

Because pressurized air requires a resolved brand for it to be effective, CPAP machine users are required to wear specialized masks when sleeping. The comfort level of the masks that are required for CPAP therapy is usually what causes patients to stop use of their machine ere avoid purchasing separate altogether.

The DreamFit Nasal CPAP Facade is available in three sizes and features soft, stretchable straps. Straps extend around your face and over your head to hold the nasal cushion in place while the respiration tube extends up over your head to allow sleep in any position. Unfortunately, many users find the straps on their face to be uncomfortable, remarkably when initially trying to nosedive asleep.

AEIOMed’s Headrest with Nasal Seal Kit utilizes a unique fitting system called “The Perfect Fit”, which does not require any contact with your face. It folds for easy storage or travel and expels exhaust upwards instead like outwards, ensuring that anyone else in your bed is not disturbed. The specially designed nasal pillows prevent chaffing and soreness in your nose and maintain a constant seal, making the CPAP machine more effective and much quieter when used.

Before you purchase a CPAP machine, be sure to look at each of the options and features available to you. The CPAP machine you property should acclimatize to your lifestyle, not vice versa.

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