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Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme – fuel efficient and sturdy

The Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is one of the most popular bikes in the country due to its attractive looks and great performance. The new Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme came with the convenient self start option this time. The company attached a 4 stroke, air-cooled single cylinder 149.2 cc engine that offers a better pick […]

Hero Honda Pleasure – for the daily commuters

Hero Honda provides its consumers an opportunity to drive in style with their new Celebrity Honda merriment that has bot racing down the roads with pride and boasts of power, style and mileage. The company has taken great enthusiasm to provide it with good looks and also make it sturdy enough to run on uneven […]

Hero Honda bikes Captivating Indiana Roads Bikes

Hero Honda bikes in India is very popular because of boss and durable quality having high wind-up technical skills. Hero Honda in highly competitive Indian automotive market has made their own niche for churning quality motorcycles having fuel high efficiency with low maintenance. Hero Honda Splendor PRO is one of the reputed bikes from the […]

Empress Wu Zetian – The Female Hero Of Chinese Women

Despite being a predominantly male dominated society past the ancient times, there were quite a brevity Chinese women, who left a deep flag on the country’s history. One such miss was Empress Wu Zetian, who successfully ruled China during one of its most peaceful and culturally variety eras. Even though most people consider Wu Zetian […]

Super Hero Canvas Print

Having a canvas write hung up on your wall is such a beautiful thing to have but having a super hero canvas print with your favourite super hero on it is even more special because not only is it your most favourite idle just scores picture like this tend to look indeed great when printed […]

Upcoming Hero MotoCorp Passion Xpro in indian market

Now ride accompanying the wind, with your new Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro that has been manufactured by the world’s largest two wheeler gang – the Illustrious Moto corp. they have now changed the name from Hero Honda. Their latest introduction is the Hero Passion xPro which is much like the Hero Passion stunner. Even the […]

Hero Honda Karizma – a legend

The Hero Honda Karizma is the best sports bike to be launched in India. It is better performer and comes with looks that many of them feel envious about. Great engine, great performance and great looks, is the new Extreme Honda Karizma. The engine is a 4 stroke single cylinder pneumatic cooled OHC and comes […]

rugged cell phone:Every man has a heart hero dream,Man’s cellphone-Runbo X5

craggy cell phone—Some people say: Every man has a heart paladin dream. Bring sophisticated equipment to hit on risks, your backpack of course, the phone is just like the Swiss army knife – Runbo X5. Powerful resisting scratch, waterproof, dustproof features three anti-economic price of this phone is the most important characteristic. But not only […]

Hero Group Haridwar Plots An exclusive township in Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the most religious cities of India where one go to cleanse all his sins in the purest river Gange. This city has been in existent from ancient times and deeply immersed in the traditions, beliefs et cetera customs. Haridwar is believed to be the gateway of God where Lord Vishnu has […]

Hero Honda Splendor Pro is the best fuel efficient bike

Hero Honda has already tasted success with its Hero Honda Pageantry pedal besides is now ready to do it again with its Ace Honda Splendor Pro. Hero Honda Splendor Pro is an advanced variant of what it’s previously called as Splendor. The bike has undergone designing part with respect to today’s youngster’s requirements, the Splendor […]