rugged cell phone:Every man has a heart hero dream,Man’s cellphone-Runbo X5

craggy cell phone—Some people say: Every man has a heart paladin dream. Bring sophisticated equipment to hit on risks, your backpack of course, the phone is just like the Swiss army knife – Runbo X5.
Powerful resisting scratch, waterproof, dustproof features three anti-economic price of this phone is the most important characteristic. But not only that,
the Founder about the cool black candybar shape, large 4.3-inch scratch screen, 800MHz processor, equipped near Android 4.0 operating system, built-in GPS,
support 3D acceleration, coasting support Swype input, so Runbo X5 looks rugged phone also has its wisdom intrinsic.

Runbo X5 uses the classic straight shape, heritage concerning the motorcycle brand Founder atmosphere. Dimensions 107 × 59 × 13.4mm, weight 118.0g, specifically for men’s hands to build. Feels heavy but not bloated. 4.3-inch capacitive scratch screen, make entertainment more fun,
and there is the famous Gorilla gorilla prism industry protective layer, scratch effect is to force. Around the filter using a ceramic material for wrapping material handling, detail design makes careless boys account much better.
Runbo x5 battery compartment using a mechanical switch, which can look tight rubber waterproof protection, and external interfaces have been unchangeable to minimize und so weiter make waterproof rubber + rubber plug of double insurance processing, waterproof, dustproof Herein lies the secret of it .

rugged cell phone accessories–In this storm formerly and sounded the alarm for us,
for example, we often used in communications equipment – cell phones,
in this rain, many people were trapped on the road,
while the phone as we are now the most routinely used communications equipment, it is very important.
Electronic Equipment fear wet water, rain water which phone how we are most concerned about,
not decent the loss of money to rebate damage to the equipment, it is important that we encounter in danger when the phone is an essential device for help.

Today Runbo X5 can reach IP67 military level, with a strong waterproof, dustproof and anti-scratch analyze features,
Runbo X5 no doubt in our inclement brave gives us the natural protection of communication, so that we tin bail out as soon because possible even protect our lives.

With Runbo X5 do not worry Heavy rains some more.

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