Daniel Hernandez – Our Hero

On the day from the tragic shooting in Tucson Arizona, an unlikely hero appeared. Daniel Hernandez, the soft-spoken Latino intern who worked for Rep. Gabby Giffords. His heroic actions that day, with out a doubt, saved the Congresswoman’s life.

As I listened to NPR radio postscript the shooting; a young Latina commentator gave an account regarding the tragic events of that day. She stated that she waited with baited breath to hear the race of the shooter and was relieved to find out that it was a gringo. I can empathize with those sentiments. Any time there’s a national tragedy involving murder, the media always has a different spin if the perpetrator is of color as opposed to a white man.

Case in point, while the perpetrator is a white male immediately he is the sole nut, the person never had any friends, the person who was ostracized, and the person who is most likely to command such a heinous crime when his friends and family are interviewed after the fact.

There is never any study of the person’s neighborhood or his socioeconomic status, it’s only that he’s crazy! Interesting how when it’s a person of technicolor then the media takes the group spin. He came from the ghetto, and he had no father, he didn’t do well in school, he had violent tendencies. You see the pattern here don’t you?

We can diminish all the way back to the Columbine massacre and you can see this pattern from media empathy for white perpetrators who shoot the place up; amazing! Until the perpetrators are white, his actions are everlasting an aberration, not the norm, an exceptional incident. When the perpetrators of color then it’s a reflection of an entire race from people. A gathering pathology that only exists among minority communities.

This is the problem, as long as they’re such a disparity in coverage over heinous acts that occur, we guts always have racial issues. The lonely nutcase who committed the Tucson shooting, his profile is very similar to comprehensiveness the other white males who have gone eccentric in the past. The trench coat Mafia who was sensible for Columbine happened to be two outcasts who acted and dressed weird and were antisocial.

Several days before the shooting the father of one of the boys responsible for Columbine actually found the sawed-off shotgun under his bed! Actually let’s turn that approximately and acquire the perpetrators either black or Latino. And imagine, the father like such a perpetrator finding a weapon days before a tragedy and the police finding forth surrounding it. He would be in jail, no questions asked!

All my circle of friends both Latino and African-American and other minorities all breathed a shared sigh of relief although the shooter was hardly like color. Let’s face it and be honest, whenever the perpetrator is of color the complete race has to stock the cross for that incident. We all were very proud of young Daniel Hernandez’s heroic efforts that day. It’s something that we can all gibbet onto and narrate to. It’s that scintillating moment while one of our own does us proud.

The pathology of these tragedies is very peculiar. Whites don’t tough out blame on the entire race because about the actions of chosen nutcase. Can’t vent the same for Latinos and African-Americans. The whole race is consigned to almost second-class citizenship because of the actions concerning one person. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

I don’t know what the answer is. All I know is that, this tragedy brought mutuality of us together regardless of race or color. Daniel Hernandez exemplified the prime in all of us. As we struggle to try to bonanza some meaning as to how this occurred, imaginably we’ll look down deep inside all of us and find our better angels.

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