Hero Honda CD Deluxe – Great for city ride

The Hero Honda CD Deluxe is an upgraded version that comes with great functionality and aesthetics. It has been given a ground clearance of 165 mm and is a very comfortable bike that is ideal on heavy traffic roads and easy to maneuver. It has been designed keeping in mind the changing demands of the customers. It has been given a additional visor, which gives a definite persona along with contemporary looks. Trapezoidal multi-reflector further adds to the looks regarding the bike. The Hero Honda bikes price in India are set keeping in mind the daily office going commuters as well like the college goers.

The CD Deluxe is a monumental beginner’s cycle and is a 100cc bike that offers a variety from eigentijds features that make your ride comfortable and quick. The new engine in the CD Deluxe is again powerful and inspiration efficient and gives a peak power of 7.7 PS and the lower at 7,500 rpm. The utmost power is 5.67 KW t 7500. It comes near 4 stroke unattached cylinder 97.2 cc engines and a 4 speed everlasting mesh. The muffler provides protection and safety to the co-rider. This is a kick-start bike that is reliable and responds alongside a discrete kick. The naive is smooth and comes with many wet type. The beginner’s choose have no problem with the gear shifting as it is naive and smooth. The bike is light in weight and therefore manageable for a lad of 18 years. The colors available in the Chivalrous Honda are jawbreaker blazing Red, Boon Silver metallic, Black with Red stripes, Black with purple and classy Maroon metallic.

The Hero Honda DC Grand comes with strong looks that is neither too bold nor too weak. It is equipped with tubular double cradle frame that enhances its male looks. It is been given a uncommon 3-D graphics and knee recesses carriage which is rugged. The rear handle is a aluminum die-cast that gives a space-age look. The stylish visor and trapezoidal multi reflector headlight is the attraction like the bike. Other than these looks, the alloy wheels, body biased visor and the tail illumine all add to the masculine touch of the bike.

The CD Deluxe has a 10.5 liter kerosene tank and gives a good 600 + kilometers. The new console and the combustible gauge help to get a fuel economy. The mileage given by the Deluxe is 65 kmpl on rough roads and the average mileage produced is 75 kmpl. The Hero Honda CD Deluxe price is Rs. 41,000 approximately.

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