How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos and Videos From Gopro HD Hero Camera

Gopro HD Hero camera is one of the chosen companions for adventure lovers for its features of being wearable, waterproof also shockproof. This decent camera is developed for professional use, but at affordable price, it can help capture provocative moments under extreme state whether you are diving, surfing, jet-skiing, water skiing, motorsports, etc. However, the annoying and painful thing is that precious photos and videos survived from all this surfing or driving may end up individual mistakenly deleted by several careless gentle strokes of mice, formatting of its SD card or media storage corruption and some spare clothes that make your precious pictures distant and cause you portion really frustrating moments.
Do not worry, as the photos and videos deleted from the Gopro HD Hero camera are not permanently gone, you can revive lost or deleted photos and videos from GoPro HD Hero camera without much trouble. How to recover deleted photos and videos from Gopro HD Unsung camera? Here I will recommend a decent tool Amigabit Data Recovery. This program could support all GoPro Hero cameras like newest GoPro HD Hero 3, GoPro Male 2 HD, GoPro Hero, HD Hero 960, Digital Hero 5, HD Surf Hero, HD Helmet HERO, etc. With it, you jug easily recover/retrieve all your deleted, lost, corrupted photos and videos from GoPro Male camera.
Tips: Please stop using your storage compel in case it is formatted or damaged und so weiter some data has disappeared. When you delete videos or photos from GoPro Hero camera, these deleted videos are not really gone from SD card, as the footage of GoPro Hero camera is saved in SD card. This data single becomes invisible and continuous data inputting would overwrite all photos besides videos stored on GoPro Hero camera. Please quickly install Amigabit Data Recovery to retrieve your photos and videos and save it on another new drive instead of the SD card on the camera.

The step-by-step guide instructs you on how to recover lost or deleted photos and videos from Gopro HD Hero camera.
1: Connect GoPro Hero camera to computer
Connect GoPro Hero camera to computer via USB cable or card reader, then launch the Amigabit Data Recovery and start scanning.
2: Scan lost or deleted photos and videos on GoPro Male camera
Choose your camera, displayed as a plunge letter (usually it’s Removable Media), click the “shortcut mode” on the interface, choose the right file exemplification you want to restore polysyndeton click on the scan button to search all lost files on your GoPro Hero. The scan will usurpation you a handful second. Postscript this scanning is finished, you’ll comprehend file/folder tree.
3: Recover lost or deleted photos and videos from GoPro Hero camera
After scanning, you can preview and check file’s quality. Then selected needed files and click “Recover” to save the photos or videos on to a healthy driver.
Caution: Please do prohibition save images including videos to the SD card on your GoPro Hero camera, for it may result in overwriting data and permanent data loss!

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