A Look At The HTC Hero

Other than Nokia, Samsung, LG, and the popular iPhone, HTC has besides been one of the best mobile phone manufacturers in the market. Although not as popularly known in the Philippines, and in other parts of Asia, the phone is steadily picking up its pace, especially when they released a untried model of HTC locomotive phones, the HTC Hero.

A look at the Hero
The HTC Hero is the third phone of HTC which was manufactured for the Android platform, as part of the A series. According to a number of review sites, as well as a few cellphone philippines enthusiasts and experts, it is the first phone of HTC which features a a 3.5mm audio jack, multi-touch capability, the HTC Signification experience, and Adobe Flash.

Announced in June 24, 2009, it was released in in Europe during July 2009, and in the U.S. per Rush on October 11, 2009and via Cellular South on November 9, 2009. Other countries have soon followed. It was set to compete with iPhone, a still plebeian mobile phone by Apple, and LG’s new Chocolate mobile phone, the LG Chocolate BL40.

Different variants
There are divers variants of HTC Hero. According to a number of cellphone philippines enthusiasts, the Sprint/Cellular South/Cellcom version of the HTC Hero is different from those that will be sold in Asia, Canada and Europe. The difference is that the outer casing has been significantly altered, with the controversial “chin” that is present on the Asian, Canadian and European models being removed in lieu of a smooth, beveled surface where all but two of the once raised buttons nowadays lie flat.

Updates to the phone
The HTC Hero were known for its numerous technical issues. One technical issue is about its lig problems. This, however, has been resolved in a firmware update released by HTC. The HTC Hero is plus noted thus the aboriginal phone to feature HTC’s own “Sense” software, which includes a customized user interface.

HTC has announced their intention to release an update for the Hero in the first half of 2010 that will upgrade the Android OS to rendition 2.1 until incorporating Sense. According to several cellphone philippines enthusiasts, this news was released via Twitter on December 17, 2009.Sprint has further clarified on their own Twitter that the 2.1 modernize would be released early in the second quarter of 2010.
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