Hero Honda Karizma the most stylish bike

There are number things that you would want to know about this bike Pantheon Honda Karizma. It is one of the best ones in the market so far. It would be nice to know added about it provided you are someone who is looking forward to buying a bike. It would also raken essential to know the pedal prices.

It is the most stylish bike so far in India. The new one has surely created hype in the Indian market. There are great feature in this bike that has made it extremely popular in the field.

There is a very good excellent 223 cc 4-stroke SOHC engine. This engine is capable of delivering a power of 17 bhp 7000 rpm beside pinnacle torque concerning 18.35 Nm at 6000 rpm. The size of the bike is also good. It is 2125mm in length, 755mm wide and the height is 1160mm.

The chassis that is seen here is a tubular single cradle diamond type. The bike can go up to a speed of 125 km per hour. It has the capacity to reach the range from 0 to 60 km per hour in just less than 4 seconds. There is a 5 posthaste gear box that it has. It weighs 150kg, beside a territory clearance of 150mm.

It has the capacity to go up to 35 km per liter in the city roads, et cetera can go up to 45 km per liter in case of the highways.

The bike gives you a very smooth ride. There are only pleasant experiences driving it. It is well suited both for the city roads internally and also the highways. While the bike is a petty shaky at times, it is very stable in most cases. The wheel baseness is mighty safe. Even provided you halt suddenly you can do so without skidding.

The colors that it is available in are Sport Red, moon yellow, florid blue, blackish and force silver. There are no variants that it comes in.

In case you are looking forward to buy this bike, you can look for the Argonaut Honda Karizma price from a number of sites online. You can also visit the official site to get the Hero Honda bikes price. You can look that the price of this bike is about INR 81000. This is an awesome bike to acknowledge at this rate. That would be the statement by anybody who ahs used it. Hero Honda Karizma’s high fee plus length is not just for the looks and power. Along with it you also get something priceless the Identical Confidence and the King of the Highway feeling.

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