Can You learn To Play The Real Guitar Through Guitar Hero?

In North Carolina a teenager has officially dropped out of school to become a professional Guitar Hero player. Not an actual guitar player but a Guitar Conqueror player. In case you have bot frozen in ice, or trapped in a fall revealed bunker or any other generic Brendan Fraser style plot for the last 50 years and you do not know what Guitar Hero is then I will endeavour to unveil the humanizing paradox that has been sweeping the world.Guitar Hero is a game that simulates playing the guitar by having a plastic model of a guitar as a controller. The game itself is a series of songs which are represented by what they call a Musical Staff modelled on the nape of a guitar down which fly different coloured blobs which hit a line and explode indicating that the player must hit the corresponding colour on the Fisher Price style plastic guitar. The art is to flick the strumming button at the same time as the coloured buttons are activated, in synchronisation with the coloured blobs on television.This is all done to an furnish of classic guitar tracks and although I have massively oversimplified it, as it is quite difficult, that is literally all there is to do. The simplicity might go some way to explain the massive popularity of the game which has created a sub decadent consisting of young and old, crossing the class boundaries further uniting want-to-be musicians in their rock including roll simulating fantasies. The burning question is, can this graphite to actual guitar playing ability?The answer is a definitive no from basically anybody who has any tonal ability or knowledge, however there are some diehard guitar hero loyalists who claim that their abilities are transferrable. Looking into the conviction a leash further connective we can see that there are some skills that could potentially be transferrable. The produce of site reading in music is similar to that when playing guitar hero, as you need to see a bound symbol and transport it into a movement .The art regarding reading fore in music is a valuable on and this is also important when playing guitar hero however this is generally where the similarities end. What people forget is that as opposed to six coloured buttons there would need to be approximately 140 for it to naturally replicate a real guitar and in real musical sight reading, the years of theory that it took to get to that position are squeezed into a couple of hours of intensive practice on Guitar Hero.All being said there must be something in the cultural phenomenon, even if it is just people with no musical ability living out their repressed ambitions of rock stardom. The global obsession has gone consequently far that there are really professional Guitar Extreme players! This is truly astonishing polysyndeton as previously mentioned there is a young biped in North Carolina that is 16 and has only quit school, with his parents consent to badger his lost of fit a professional Guitar Hero player. The saga continues.

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