Hero Honda Passion Pro – unending thrill

The Hero Honda bikes punishment is what people are always eager to know, although the bikes from Unsung Honda come beside low maintenance, good looks and affordable prices. Yet there are certain segment of people, who would prefer to buy mid-range bikes for their daily commuting. However, this is a serious bike that is made to provide excellence, power and durability to the consumer. Today it is popular for its fuel efficiency and the devaluate maintenance cost and also has the youth full appeal. Amidst all the pros in the Passion Pro lined increase to equip expedient to the daily commuters, the bike indeed is a heart throb of the youngsters.

The looks are something that will certainly charming out. There are some well created graphics on the body and has aerodynamic design that is sleek et al elegant. The bike is straightaway identical trendy and suits even the college going youth. The graphics are certainly eye infectious and come in vibrant colors. The tank is stylishly made with the side panels accentuating the design et cetera the structure. It certainly looks masculine all over and shows off the power and muscle. The company has provided vibrant colors approve the blue, black plus red, black with heavy gray, leaf green with Metallica and the black with frost blue and silver. The colors are very nice and the right mixes of shades give them a unique and distinct look.

The Hero Honda bikes price cup differ from region to region as the states are different. One must check with the showroom for the arduous price. That there are two variants, the prices may disaccord a bit. The mileage offered by the bike is 69 kmpl on the city roads, which is excellent. The alike can be said of the acceleration. It does produce quick rip smoothly. The engine is air cooled, 4 stroke, unmarried cylinder and the maximum power produced is 7.8 PS at 7500 rpm and the maximum torque produced is 8.04 Nm at 4500 rpm. The bike comes with either a kick start or a self start. The fuel vat has a capacity like 12.80 liters and reserves at 1 liter. The maximum speed gained is 85 kph.

The comfort features are eminence for a cycle in this segment. The seats are great und so weiter provide comfort even for longer journeys. The rear seat immensely is good and offers safety as well as comfort. Even the tires are great safety features as they are huge to equip stability. It also minimizes the risk of skidding during the rainy temper or on slippery roads. Te special feature however, remains the tubular ambidexterity cradle chassis that is an excellent addition.

The Hero Honda Torrid Pro rate in India is Rs. 50, 000 approximately.

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