3 Things You Can Do With Your Archive

I would like to remind you of a small blog exercise that probably all of you will know, simple but which will greatly benefit your blog.


Some of us have been blogging for months, some of us have been blogging for years. There are hundreds in our archives, and thousands in our archives. Most labor is spent, valuable words. Will we be able to look at these precious letters after a certain period of time? Cloak no!


By visiting your archive from time to time, you can find both your blog and the actions that will help you improve your traffic, as well as improve your blog. What are these? Here’s what you can do with your blog’s archive:


1. Update Your Posts


Many updates can be made in your old dated posts. Broken links in the article can be corrected, incomplete or new information can be added, and the sections to be deleted can be deleted.


Of course, it is not possible to do this for every post, but you can keep your most-used posts constantly up-to-date, link to your other posts, and even add ads to those posts.


Of course there is another dimension. If you are doing keyword research and you are targeting too much organic traffic, you may be able to update this if you do not receive many visitors from Google.


Adding text, adding subtitle and title tags, changing the title of the text, and adding new and useful text containing keywords can improve your SERP performance.


2. Share on the Social Media


We do not publish our publications using a variety of automation tools. We share in our social media accounts. After that? Let’s not forget that every day new and different people can start to follow you. You can share your old writings on social media to remind these people or old followers who have not read the text in a certain way.


I can guarantee that if you apply this method to all of your shortages, you will have to increase your traffic as much as you would if you were using different headlines each day and sharing it on different dates.


3. Create a New Text


It’s been a time when we all can not find the subject to write. During these times you can create engaging texts using your archive and enter little trouble. Here are a few ideas you can use to write new words using your old script:


X posts most read in 2014
Most commented X articles
Readers’ favorite X font
X articles sent by most visitors to Google

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