5 Blogger’s Million Dollar Earnings Secret

When we look at bloggers and stories that make thousands of dollars a month, millions of dollars a year, we can get results. In this article I will only tell you the short story of 5 bloggers, how they can make thousands of dollars, and have millions of dollars of custody. The first common point of these five bloggers is that each one starts blogging at first on free blog platforms.

Their monetization stories are impressive, but make sure the little “secrets” are much more impressive.


Let’s start with the first short story, the technology blog that many people follow with great fondness, and I think you definitely hear the name. Founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare duo, TechCrunch was purchased by AOL for about $ 40 million in 2010. The worldwide success of the diary has inspired many indigenous entrepreneurs, including our country. Thanks to his passion for technology and internete, Michael Arrington; Time has been shown by Wired and Forbes to “the most influential people in the internet” and has announced its success all over the world.


Gothamist was founded in 2003 by Jake Dobkin to write articles on local news, events, food and culture of New York City. The diary originally held by Jake and Jen Chung, along with Jake’s friends living in New York, began to make contributions. Jake is a fast-paced flourish, with the same content in 12 cities with global pre-prepared logs. Gothamist is shown among the most successful city diaries with a monthly gain of $ 80,000. Gothamist; Wired, Forbes, and Business Week.

Perez Hilton

Mario Lavandeira, the other Perez Hilton, has made a name for criticism about the prizes in the magazine diary PageSixSixSix he built on the free WordPress platform. Winning a unique fame, Mario used this opportunity as a springboard in his own name and continues on his diary, giving his own name to the letters. Known for his outspoken form, Mario continues to write everything that is breaking with obscene drawings that he continues to publish in his diary and places on his photographs of the celebrities. It is known that only Digital Point has been removed from the global webmaster forum due to these shares. It should also be noted that Mario goes every year to MTV, People’s Choice, and other organizations. In the meantime, the approximate value of the diary is estimated at $ 40 million.

Mario says he does not even think about making money from an interview in an interview.

MMA Junkie

The blog, started by a blogger enthusiast about mixed martial arts (MMA), launched at ufcjunkie.wordpress.com, has had to continue publishing in the name of MMA Junkie after the legal notifications made by UFC. The daily has also influenced many well-known sports sites in the world, thereby opening up news categories related to mixed martial arts. It is stated that USA Today purchased $ 15 million in 2011.

Cheezburg is

In 2007, Ben Huh, who created a blog on his free WordPress account with his Hawaii girlfriend, started to make them talk by adding subtitles to photos. Cheezburger, who had a viral growth after a short time, began hosting 100,000 unique visitors a day.

Ben Huh, who flirted with intense visitor traffic, quickly succeeded in popularizing sibling journals like Failblog.

What were the secrets that all but these successful bloggers have?

All these stories are pretty impressive. There are so many stories about bloggers who are actually millionaires or who have won thousands of dollars a month, almost endless. There are some secrets that cause all these stories. I have listed the deductions I made from these stories and the secrets I think they existed below.

1. Be passionate

There is no doubt that there is an absolute passion for each blogger’s interest in the above stories. If we look at it with business-which I think-all work can only be accomplished with unconditional passion. For example, I have never seen a successful and unhappy job before, but I have come across many stories of successful and happy people who have done their job with passion. For example, Kemal Kadirhan has a passion for music and music. Gothamist founder Jake Dobkin, remembering the founders of MMA Junkie, passionately bound to the city of New York, or a mixed martial arts enthusiast … All in the stories.

2. Be like yourself

Most professional bloggers agree that blogs should be written with personal characteristics. So if you are writing like yourself. Mario Lavandeira, for example, has been careful to write what he thinks anyone does and continues to write. If he had probably cared about the celebrities, he could not find anything to write or possess today’s popularity. It is partly the wrong attitude to ignore the readers completely, not my conscience. At least for some time …

Write for yourself, write like yourself.

3. Do not spend money

Do not waste money, it is not necessary. Most bloggers, including the stories above, did not pay to write. You do not have to pay for your start. On the other hand, design, SEO, add-ons, etc. Do not think about anything. Do as they do and just write.

4. Do not wait to make money

A few titles first stated that I looked at blogging in real work. It is normal that you will make money by writing blogs or you do not want to win, as you will normally make money in every business. But when it comes to the idea of ​​”making money” in general, this demand affects bloggers negatively and can cause performance degradation. That’s why you can keep your mind thinking of making money for a while until everything goes well. For example, Ben Huh, the only request that Cheezburger created on WordPress was just a little fun! If you hear about finance, you can think of it as a long-term investment.


Making money by writing a blog is incredible. The biggest advantage of making money from this business is that you can work where you want when you want. The second and more specific is that you have financial freedom. The most important thing is to be able to appeal to people with the same passions and to tell them everything.

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