5 Tips to Write Effective Headlines

How can you get people to read your texts in a world where thousands of content are shared on hundreds of blogs every day? Most of the time, it’s probably the same thing; With a remarkable title …

In this article I will share my research and experience with how to write a headline that is remarkable, impressive, curious, and possibly more readable.

How to Write a Striking Title?

Writing headings are generally ignored and filled with the first sentence that comes to mind. However, the headline should be overly thought, after each found title should be asked the question “Would I click to read this headline in my own tale?”

In the past days when I wrote slideshare presentations about inbound marketing and content marketing, infographics and blogs that I wrote about in the past days, I saw how people in the industry are doing detailed research on writing titles, and I wanted to share the results with you.

Use Number 1

Using numbers in the headings is not a rule, of course, but whatever the topic of the research, the number used is more attention and more clicks. Let’s give an example:

– Ways to become a good blogger
– 13 ways to be a good blogger

Which of these two titles took your attention more? I think the reader is more attracted when numbers are used in the titles. I guess you are.

2. Use Interesting Adjectives

Effortless, attentive, fun, free, incredible, basic, precise, weird adjectives will increase the effect left on the reader in front of the name in the title.

– Blogger theme
– Unique blogger themes

As you can see in the example, adjectives attract people very much.

3. Use Original Phrases

I do not wonder if you want to act like a writer when you say use original words 🙂 There is a word “your thing” that your lot uses. Use more original words such as reasons, principles, facts, lessons, ideas, secrets rather than something in the titles of the text.

– 5 things that will make you a better blogger
– 5 secrets that will make you a better blogger

As you can see, the title is both more professional and attracts more attention to the reader.

Question 4 Question

What words like why, why, how and when are trigger words. Moreover, people often search by asking questions on Google and other search engines. Your headline is both user friendly and Google friendly.

– Increase blog traffic
– How to increase blog traffic

Even though the content is the same, if you write the question as the second example, you will also see an increase in your visit from the rigs.

5. Promise

Will you teach the reader something new? Will you do something you’ve never done before? Specify this in the title.

– Tactics to increase the number of visitors
– With these tactics, your visitor count will increase

As you can see, in the second example, you have a promise to the reader. This seems to be a pretty impressive method. Of course, with exaggerated conditions.

Final Words

The title of the article is the most important factor that determines whether the content you prepare with a little labor is readable by the visitor. For this reason, with the help of the tips I share above, I suggest you to think more about your writing titles.

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