6 Basic Criteria Determining the First Impression of Your Site

Assuming you are discovering a new site, you are looking at the site a little bit too. Are you going to enter the site again or will you not enter it, according to what criteria did you decide

Site Opening Speed
Does the visitor wait too long while the site is open?
Does the visitor wait a long while visiting the site?

General view of the site
Is the theme too complicated?
Does the theme look good?
Does the theme appeal to you?
Are there technical errors on the site?
Are there any shortcomings in language on the site?

Site General Content Status
What are the contents of the first page on the site, anything to attract interest?
The most read, most recent, most commented texts on the site. Are you showing? Are these words interesting?
What categories are available on the site?
Do you have a category (s) that you might be interested in? If so, how much of these categories (s) does my job look like? How often is this category (s) updated?
What is the number of content on the site? Is it a site with many categories but not many categories? Is there a content category but a content-rich site? Is it a site that has both a lot of categories and plenty of content?
Are these categories and contents attracting attention good quality, how much do the contents contribute to me?

Social Mobility in the City
What is the level of comments made on the site? Can I judge that you have at least 10-15 comments under each article if you are playing on the site in chin ball mu?
What is social media activity on the site? If there are high numerical values, are all these values organic?
How much site activities are shared on social media? Do I even have the opportunity to follow social media if I do not go on the site?

Revenue Drivers
Do you have ads on the site? If so, how does the number affect the settlement user experience?
Are there banner ads on the site? So do you find some statistical values on the site as good as other people / firms paying for advertising?
Promotional posts on the site, advertorial content, etc. does it get ahead of the content on the site?

Site Owner / Site Team
How often does the content add?
Does he respond to comments? Can it be answered? Are the answers satisfactory to the visitor?
How are the character constructions? So, what kind of attitude does visitor approaches have in negative situations?
Experienced in the field? Has he proved his experience?

Visitors, even if they check these and other criteria individually, are seeking answers to such questions on sites they are aware of or unwittingly. When the answers to such questions start to emerge at an intuitive level (that is, when an impression about the site begins to emerge), the visitor comes to a conclusion. Accordingly, he decides he will remain on the site only as a visitor, or he will visit the site at certain intervals and continue as a follower.

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