AdSense Approach Tricky Points

One of the most talked about and explored topics in the internet world is the AdSense approval. How to get AdSense approval, whether there is a family, what to do to get approval, etc., are written, drawn, searched for years. I would also like to share with you my knowledge and experience of this subject.

What is AdSense?

I do not think you know what AdSense is. AdSense, the world’s most popular ad network, monetizes both you and the site owner by displaying ads on your website and clicking on them.

I do not need to elaborate again, as I have been repeatedly mentioned in AdSense on both Blog Hocam and other media. If you are new to the world of internet and blogging, if you read the articles on making money from blogs and you start saying “I want to win too”, I suggest you start by reading the AdSense guide I shared before.

How AdSense Works

I want to make it as simple as possible to explain how AdSense works. I think it is most logical to do this with an example.

Ask the X company advertisement to appear in the “blog” search and report that you will pay $ 1 each time you click on your ad. My site is a site that comes up in the same order as “blog”. When a visitor enters my site from the search for “blog”, the advertisement of company X will appear. When the visitor clicks on the advertisement on my site, 1 TL is deducted from the account of X company. This 75 cents is transferred to my account, 25 cents is transferred to Google’s account.

As you can see, there are three parties in AdSense: the company that advertises, the site that publishes the ad, and the tool Google. The three sides are lucrative in this system. As a publisher, we earn a certain amount per click. Google earns 25% commission for each click. The advertiser is also winning the customer.

Why is it important to be an AdSense publisher?

Although there is no official explanation or concrete information in this regard, I have some theories. I would like to share them with you, but please keep in mind that these are my personal ideas when you are reading.

* Theory 1: As you know, getting AdSense approval is very difficult. Google sets many criteria for making a site an AdSense publisher. On the other hand, there are a lot of criteria to go up in the search results. If a site that receives good AdSense approval is a good quality site based on Google’s criteria, and if Google sites are top ranking in search results, will a site with the AdSense publisher not rank higher than the non-AdSense publisher?

* Theory 2: How does Google make money? With users clicking on ads. These clicks are either sponsored links in search results, or ads on sites that are AdSense publishers. Would not Google want to earn more? If I put a site with the AdSense publisher first, and the user accesses that site and clicks on a spot on the site, will not Google gain more?

I do not know if I am the lawyer of the devil, but I have not been able to think about these theories as someone in the business for years. Even if these theories are not right, it’s important to be an AdSense publisher because no known ad network is earning as much as AdSense. I know I get 20 TL for one click πŸ™‚

What is the AdSense Approval Process?

AdSense approval is a 2-step process. In the first phase, custom-programmed robots are sent to the site that submits them and they are scanned for the site. They automatically check if it is technically sufficient. If the site is technically sufficient, the first approval is given and the second approval phase is passed.

During the second approval process, the site is subject to manual supervision by employees on the AdSense team. At this stage, your site is checked by people and checked to see if it meets the publisher criteria.

In order to get approval in the second phase, sometimes a chance factor also comes into play. If your application is examined by someone and if person A wakes up in that day, if your life is stressed or if you have other problems, you may refuse your application. But if your application for the same site evaluates your luck with a good intentional, loving and caring person B, you can approve your application.

* Tip: I would like to tell you about an event that happened about 3-4 years ago. I have applied to AdSense on the earnings tab of the Blogger dashboard for a blog that was opened on Blogger. This time I did not get a negative response to the application, I went to AdSense’s own site and made an application there. The application was approved within a few days. If Blogger users are denied their application from the Blogger panel, they should try their profession once at AdSense’s site.

Why AdSense Applications Are Rejected?

There are some strict AdSense rules to make sure that your application is not accepted if we leave the luck factor mentioned above. And you will probably be offered one of these as a reason for your negative response to your application.

1. Insufficient Content: AdSense’s most common cause for not approving applications is enough. If you do not have enough content for your AdSense team to apply to AdSense, your application will be rejected. You can reject 100 publications and reject them for this reason, but you are unlikely to be rejected due to inadequate content with a minimum of 20 quality, unique content.

2. If the site is not a Google AdSense policy: If your site has bad user experience, if it is difficult to navigate within the site, if it is difficult to navigate within the site, if the design is weak, if the content is taken from the right, if there is very little traffic from Google, your site will be rejected for reasons that do not comply with Google AdSense policies. Before you apply, it’s a good idea to check your site for Web Administrator guidelines and AdSense program policies.

3. Site New: AdSense compliant guidelines state that your site must be active for at least 6 months. This is a criterion for Google’s ad network to be made up of quality sites, although this is not the case. Because the performance of a site for 6 months is enough to give an idea of the future and quality of that repression.

4. Inappropriate Content: According to Google AdSense, you may read the prohibited content page for inappropriate content. If such content exists on your site, it is impossible for you to obtain AdSense approval. You do not have to bother applying without removing inappropriate content from your site πŸ™‚

What is Needed to Get AdSense Approval?

The main things you need to do in order to get AdSense approval if you’re on the official pages of Google AdSense, the accounts I’ve personally approved, and the experiences shared by other AdSense users are:

1. Quality Content: Whatever the subject, you should produce and share original content, which is made up entirely of your own cues, informed of the reader and crying for her, free from mistakes and typographical errors.

2. Content placement: A question asked about this in the AdSense help forums An official from the AdSense team has given you a “must have at least 25-30 good quality content before applying”.

3. Blog Design: Make sure your blog theme is a theme that is free of responsive, plain, unnecessary attachments. Believe in your blog without difficulty to navigate, should be able to access content easily.

4. Site Speed: Google has been badly hung up in recent years. It wants to open sites quickly on desktop or mobile devices. Before you apply, it’s a good idea to take items that slow your blog loading.

5. Domain: Of course you do not need a domain to get AdSense approval. For example, Blog Hocam received AdSense approval very soon, despite continuing to use the blogspot domain. However, if your site is far away from spam and the chances of being good are high, it may be advantageous if your AdSense application is accepted.

6. Required Pages: One of the indicators that a site is quality, serious, and professional is that it has some important pages. Before you apply, you need to create a privacy policy, contact information and contact pages.

7. Other Ads: If you are a member of other advertising networks and have added their ads to your site, it is a good idea to remove them before applying. We especially recommend that you remove banner ads for affiliate and PPC networks.

Fast AdSense Approach is German’s Tricky Point?

I wanted to share with you some of the articles that I read in a few places, but it was a compliment to get AdSense approval quickly. But as I said, it is not a method that I try and guarantee. I do not know what I did, I do not get the AdSense approval, but I also try to try this method πŸ™‚

!!! First open a new GMail account. You will do your application with this new account. But before you apply, please verify the phone number. Then try to get as much mobile traffic as possible. So get plenty of input from your cell phones or tablets to your site. Of course, this needs to be done on different devices. Search for and visit your site on Google through your peers, friends, relatives, and phones. See if you can be accepted?

Your AdSense Application Again Rejected?

Your AdSense application may still be disapproved. Because 96% of AdSense applications are not approved. There are two things you will do in this situation:

1. Look at the reason for your rejection in your email and try to fix it. After 2 weeks, apply again. Make sure that your new application is at a different day and time than your previous application. So if you made your previous application two weeks ago Tuesday morning in the morning, it is like making your new application on Saturday evening.

2. Yes AdSense can be a very lucrative, reliable, and advantageous ad network, but the only way to make money from your site is not AdSense. You can try one of the AdSense alternatives that work on the same logic.

Final Words

I know it’s very hard to get AdSense approval. I know you want to monetize your blog, but your priority should be to develop your blog, to be a better, better blog owner. In this case, you will not need to work for AdSense approval anymore.

I hope this article will help you and your Adense application will be positive. I appreciate your sharing your experience with the AdSense application with all blogger friends from the comment section of your application results. Use everybody.

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