Alternative Ads for Non-Registered AdSense

Although bloggers almost everybody’s preferred method to earn money is Google AdSense ads, it’s not easy to be accepted into this system and become an AdSense publisher. Some are getting the “Your blog is not appropriate for AdSense” warning, and the registration button is not active at all, some get initial approval but they get the second approval because of inadequate content.

In this way, I searched for ways to monetize alternative clicks for bloggers who did not use AdSense, and reviewed the top 4 AdSense alternatives.

1. Wordego

Turkey’s highest quality and most serious advertising firm can say for Wordego. It allows you to monetize your ad by showing specific and targeted ads to your blog. Content that is inadequate, low traffic, and content that is contrary to your service contract may cause your application to be rejected, but I can say that they are as sophisticated as AdSense. You can request a payment when your account has accumulated $ 100. Payments are made by bank transfer to your bank account.

2. AdHood

After registering with AdHood, you must add the site to the system and prove that you own this site. Once you’ve added a site from the Sites section, you’ll get the site edit> site verification section and paste the meta code into the Blogger template under the <head> code. If you get an error when saving, change the code to the following: <meta name = ‘AdNetwork value = adhood – AcceptCode = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ /> After the verification process, editors will review your site’s suitability and confirm your ad delivery. They give you an average of 10 cents per click, and your payments are made to your bank account.

3. CPM Fun

An ad network that approves almost every application and gives you pay-per-click advertising as it does on AdSense. Once you’ve added your site to Manage Websites, you’ll be asked to approve it, and you’ll be able to add ads of the desired size in Name Tags. You can add up to 3 LANGUAGES and payouts will be made to your Paypal account when you reach the $ 100 payment threshold.

4. Qadabra

Qadabra, which accepts all sites except malicious and illegal content sites, is also a system that gives per click. Payments are made to your Paypal account and the best part is that the payment limit is only $ 1. In addition to banner ads, you can also add popup ads.

What Ads Do You Recommend?

Wordego is the advertising network I’ve been using for the longest time. Reliable and relevant company. Every user has an account manager. He gives you tips and tips to increase your income by calling or writing mail. It’s a great service for an online advertising firm to have a party. And you do not have to worry about waiting for clicks on the ads. For all these reasons, I prefer Wordego to those who are looking for an advertising firm for their blog.

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