An Important SEO Criteria: Keyword Intensity

Keyword density is one of the most important criteria in SEO. Blog authors, especially those who produce web content like us, should be more sensitive to keyword density. In this article I will talk about what keyword density is, what it means for bloggers and SEO, how keyword density is calculated and how much it should be.

What is Keyword Height?

Let’s start by talking about keyword and density concepts separately. A keyword is a group of words or phrases that are searched in search engines and used by us in our texts.

For example, let’s assume that you are “nice blogs” and write a blog post about beautiful blogs. The purpose here is to go out in the top rankings in the form of “nice blogs”. So the key word is “beautiful blogs”.

Keyword density is the ratio of key words used in the whole sentence.

How is Keyword Density Calculated?

As you can see in the definition of keyword density, we need to divide the number of key words we use in the text into the number of all the words in the article and multiply by 100 to calculate the keyword density.

As an example, let’s think we wrote a total of 1000 words. Let’s suppose that the key word for “beautiful blogs”, which is the target keyword, is passed 20 times in the article. In this case the keyword density for “good blogs” is as follows:

(20/1000) x100 = 2 So the keyword density is 2%.

What should be the ideal keyword density?

The ideal keyword density is generally between 1% and 5%, although the content varies depending on factors such as the total number of words, the competition rate of the key word, and so on.

When Google detects an unusual move in content, it may qualify it as SPAM content. For this reason, the excessive keyword can cause your content to recur. For this reason, it is not advisable to exceed the 5% to 6% keyword density.

Tools for Calculating Keyword Intensity

Of course it is impossible to count individual words, especially for blog authors who produce thousands of words like ours. I would like to list some online tools that you can use for free.

– Seo Book Keyword Density Analyzer
– SEO Centro Keyword Density Checker
– Live Keyword Analysis
– Seo Chat Page Keyword Density Analysis

With these tools, you can see the keyword usage rates of both web-published pages as well as your publishing-ready content, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

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