Animation and Video Games Encourage People to Crime?

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Animation and Video Games Encourage People to Crime?

Animation and Video Games Promote Crime According to Japanese Council Members

The Liberal Democratic Party and the council member Ichita Yamamoto were guests in the recently published section of Japan’s “Shin Houdo 2001” named political debate program. In the program, the case of the 27-year-old serial killer Takahiro Shiraishi, who was arrested by the police on Tuesday in Kanagawa Prefecture Zama with 9 bodies in his house, was discussed. Political leader Ichita Yamamoto pointed out that there are animations and video games on the scene. He said that because people can not notice the difference between the real and the fictional world in this case, it is a big influence of animations and video games in this and such criminal activities.

Yamamoto noted that events similar to the story of the Zama serial killer existed, especially in the animations. The political leader claimed that such content encouraged people in the real world, but he also called for inspections to prevent related crimes. While some online commentators have responded shrewdly to Yamamoto’s call and explanations, other commentators in the program said that television, smartphones and movies are at least as much in the offense as animations and video games.

Police Department found 9 dead bodies in the suspect’s house of Takahiro Shiraishi on Tuesday, with missing person report. When the suspect was expected to be tried for murder, the police explained that Shirashi had contacted the people on the internet and then admitted that he had killed his victims and destroyed the bodies.

So what do you think about this? Can the animations we love watching cause such events?

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