How to Make Money with an English Blog

From time to time, I’ve written about the blogs I’ve written before and the winning ways in the world. These winning blogs often earn from AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Of course, using these methods it is impossible to win similar amounts with Turkish content blogs.

When you click on AdSense ads on an English blog, which is the most common language in the world, you earn $ 4-5 per click, but when you click on ads in Turkish content blogs, the fee paid per click does not exceed a few bucks.

A similar situation is related to affiliate marketing. In Turkish-language blogs, the likelihood of selling is very weak, and commissions are very low.

In short, if your only goal in blogging is to make money, do not try to produce any Turkish content. If your publications are in the English language, which is the most spoken language of the world, and your market is also in English.

How to Earn Money by Writing a Blog in English

Following the explanation above, if you have the idea of writing an English blog, we can go through what needs to be done step by step.

Step 1: Market Research

First you must determine which pads belong to which blogs you will open. Using keyword research tools for this, you should find appropriate keyword phrases such as search volume and cost per click are high but competition is low.
(You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool for this research.)

Step 2: Domain And Blog

After setting the market, that pazaar comes up with a suitable name to get a domain and blog. For example, if you have decided on the wedding invitations market, you should take a domain like (if possible), direct it to your domaini blog and create your in English content.

Step 3: Earnings Opportunities

If your blog is ready and your content is live, it’s time to apply to become an AdSense publisher and join several affiliate programs related to your market. Of course, your blog must be in compliance with Google AdSense policies.

Step 4: SEO

Competition is also quite high in very money-making markets. For example, you might have to compete with thousands of quality sites to get out in the first place for wedding invitations. For this, you should do an SEO work and get organic traffic to your blog.

Questions to ask: Do you speak English?

Once you’ve done the steps above, you might have a blog that makes thousands of dollars a month, but we do not mention the most basic thing for it; do you know English?

Yes dictionaries do not save you to write and manage blogs in English friends unfortunately. You should know English well. You need to go to an English course to learn English. But in today’s conditions it is not easy to find an English course that meets your needs and meets your working hours. For this reason you can choose an online English course which is advantageous in many respects.

Advantages of Online English Course

1. There is no transportation problem in Kursa. You do not lose time in public, in traffic, between courses, at your precious time. You will be using time more efficiently.

2. You get rid of annoying classroom and classroom environment, uncomfortable rows and chairs. You can take English lessons on any day and at any time, comfortably wherever you have an internet connection.

3. You will take a one-to-one course entirely tailored to your level and needs. By learning your English level, you can decide how you need to work and you can choose to work accordingly.

4. One of the biggest contributions to online education is the opportunity to work with native English speakers. A language can best be learned from those who use it in their daily life.

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