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One of the first problems many blogging enthusiasts have experienced is that they can not find blogs and topics to write. I thought I moved in and I started helping new bloggers in this matter as much as I could. The first step in opening a blog is to find a suitable name for the theme of your blog, usually later on to find the topic. If you do not have a name, do not worry and think about patience. Because the first thing that will dig your mind into mind is to find a simple and brandable name that is “fit to the theme”. An example of this is the bloghost address. Looking at the name BlogHocam, you can clearly see what the blog is related to, right? So I can say that you should go the way with your first job title that you need to do. So which blogs can be written in which areas? What are blog topics?

Something called a blog can be called a personal web space. Overseas people generally describe their own lives, their troubles, their happiness and their family life. Dedik is a plot of your personal web, this is a land that you can enjoy as you wish, so you should decide what to plant. Now stop for a second and do you have the seeds that will give you the most or five of your hands? What are you good at? What good ones attract the attention of other readers or bloggers in the outside world?

As an example of myself, I like to be a personal blogger, student, reading books, watching movies, foreign languages and social media. I am not a classical young person, but I have absolutely no place to see myself. So I can also say that I have taken the decision to become a personal blog. Serdar Bey, who is also the owner of Bloghocam, wrote in college engineering days to help engineers like himself. Shuan also manages Bloghocam largely thanks to his blogger experiences he has been using for a long time. I do not have much code knowledge at all, so if I went with a blog like this, writing a blog would not be a hobby for me.

So if you see yourself in a position where you will be able to write more comfortably in that area, your writing will be good for you. Because you have to remember that your blog will not be recognized and maybe even after 50 60 posts. You will have to write continuously and you will have to put your sincerity and your knowledge in these writings at the same time.

As the main blog topics, we can list:

Blogs that provide information about Blogger and Web design: These are blogs that are intended to help bloggers, such as BlogHoCam, that you are in. Organic visits (ie visitors who search by googling) are abundant blogs, considering that there are many blogs that every blogger visits in a certain period of time. But besides this advantage, there is also a disadvantage that it is very likely that the subject matter will be attracted. It would be very wrong to jump to such a blog without coding knowledge. It’s probable that you will not be bored until 2 months.

Personal development blogs: As the name suggests, personal development blogs aim to provide people with the help and support they need, whether they write it themselves or translate it. I think the authors are mainly people who read psychology or graduated from psychology. Unfortunately, I will not be able to give more detailed information because I have not killed so much time on these blogs.

Mother blogs: Actually, I do not think the name of such blogs is exactly the mother blog. But let’s just say a mother blog because these blogs tell about what they do after childbirth and what their children do after childbirth. It keeps the diary of their children and carries the purpose of helping those who want to be or become mothers. I do not know how loyal the readers of these blogs are, I have never been a mother and one of the things that I would not know as much as a landscape to look at as a man. But it can still be one of the blog styles that could be high on the right topic choice. For example, if you write about how your child survived a disease that she lives in, people who complain about it can come and read your writing.

Food blogs: As the name suggests, food blogs write about food. They can get a very good organic traffic by explaining their recipe and the tricky points to be careful when cooking. If you have a blogger who reads gastronomy and enjoys your food, I strongly recommend that you write in this topic. It is a blog style with healthy eating, diet, Turkish cuisine, different traditional dishes and many more open gates. This type of cooking can be done in the manner of how to make and from here the reader can come in serious manners.

Daily blogs: Daily blogs are not much blog style and I really do not recommend it. In general they write their own lives as if they are diary. If you are a jerk, no one is your style, or do not read your blog for your life. At the same time, blogs that describe life do not come to much search traffic by google. But there is something like this you can go in and read and laugh five years from now. There was a blogging initiative that left me from puberty, my friend found it a lot of fun. Thanks to him I read the entire blog from the beginning and closed it down to the visitors. Shuan is the only one I can read and read and I am glad that it is a good memory even though it is really shameful. If you say you will only write for myself, this kind of blog can fit you.

Book blogs: Book blogs read books like “bookstagrams” in the same instagram and write comments about them. As a matter of fact, the only bad thing about this kind of thing is that you have a nice place in terms of search traffic, and you will not be able to read as many books as you can write at least one article per week. You may have the opportunity to write very often in other blog styles, but things may not develop so quickly in a book suggestion blog. Maybe you can not just write your book suggestions, but occasionally write your listener, your library, the booksellers you visit, and so on, but I think that’s about as far. If you say I do it without writing a weekly article, you are still aware of it. Personally, I like to read a book blog. If you already have such a block, I would very much like to read it.

Travel blogs: These blogs, as they are obviously named, are a blog style used by people who love to travel and have plenty of money. Obviously, I am a student like I can not open such a blog, but because I like to travel, I would like to visit the neighborhoods or the neighboring cities. These blogs have the potential to have a good cause in terms of search traffic. But of course the blog changes from blog to blog. For example, a text consisting of 20 paragraphs and 5 photos named “Places to Visit in Istanbul Sultanahmet” can be found on the first pages while the texts named “Istanbul Sultanahmet Gezim” have 20 photos and 2 paragraphs. This is also true of other blog styles, but it is more of a self-expression on travel and fashion blogs. Here is a short note: If you are new and want to go up in search, your content should be long and original.

Fashion blogs: It is the style that female bloggers generally use. From inside the make-up to the eyebrows are told fashion. I will not be able to say it as a man but girls will be fashionable. What is it you are doing for God’s sake? A friend told me that last year I had a fine eyebrow, so everyone took their eyebrows. Anyway, that’s not what I’m saying, so I’m telling you what to say. I know fashion blogs are mostly followed by girls. If you are interested, you can open a blog of this kind. But do not forget to put as many photos as you put the photo, or I think that you can not be fast in full development.

Personal blogs: Personal blogs are generally confused. Sometimes they get a problem from a movie they watch, sometimes they tell their likes, and sometimes they try to write informative articles. Not every personal blog is the same. At this point, I would like to talk about my own blog Agalara Geldik. The main theme in Agalara Geldik is mainly entertainment and humor. As a matter of fact, if I write articles under the name of film recommendation or if I have to write a book, or if I want to start using a blogger, the troubles that I experience while blogging, As I said, personal blogs are mixed up. When you read a personal blog, you will find the author, one of the most beautiful blog styles that tells the author’s psychology. The good news is that you do not get a lot of complaints, but the bad side is that you have difficulty finding google traffic and constant followers. The problem that I experienced the most was that the hit was low. I have not stopped writing, and I do not intend to leave soon. One of the problems you may encounter is that you will have difficulty getting Google ads. I did not pass the second stage despite the article. I do not think it’s advertising because Google can not figure out what’s relevant to my blog. This is a warning to those who are thinking of personal blogging.

I do not think it’s a bit sideways but I do not claim to be the personal blog, of course the personal blog style is the most beautiful blog style but there is a saying as follows: “All blog styles are equal but some are more equal”

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