SEO Compatibility for Voice Calls

Voice search has become one of the biggest investments in developing technology. Both the ease of use and the ability to quickly reach results have increased the number of questions asked by users every day. During the year 2018 and the following years, many criteria will be raised on voice dialing and developments in seo will be experienced. What sort of adjustments do you need to make for this method, which directly affects search results? What is Google voice search?

What is Voice Search?

Instead of typing on search engines to reach a product or service, it’s giving voice commands. It was not a preferred method because of the fact that the first outing was time-consuming or slow. In the meantime, the usage rates with advanced smart devices have started to increase. It was easier to reach when we called in spoken language. The indispensable part of our life has become one of the most important parts of the technology voice search.

– Writing can be the reason for preference because it will be faster to talk.

– It makes it difficult to write while on the move, allowing you to search without distractions.

– Voice calls look more attractive to elderly people and children who are far from technology.

– The most important investments of large companies continue to be on voice calls and command development, since we give almost all the commands we have to ourselves.

If it is thought that it has been improving since 2013, the usage rate is increasing every year. 1 out of every 5 calls made from Android devices was done by voice call. In a survey, 70% were positive when they were asked how satisfied they were with the search results and 30% were not.

Voice assistants use chat conversations to find answers to questions. The answers for Seo compatibility are the points to consider. “Where are the cheapest places?” When you make a call, you will get answers such as “Suitable hotels in Antalya” and “Discounted holiday facilities”. Google Hummingbird has set benchmarks that are applied in 2013 and allow you to sort by the answers given to the questions. Google has become more intelligent, making sense of words and phrases, and sorting the results accordingly. For this reason, you should pay more attention to correct writing while sharing your answers in your writings.

– If we want to come to the top of our articles, we should already have prepared the answers and give answers. It will now be easier for search engines to understand us with developing artificial intelligence.

– If necessary, we should use the voice search feature and make our own decisions about how to reach the outcomes.

– The results should be analyzed and the texts in the daily conversation language should be edited for writing.

– Since voice calls are easier, they will tell you exactly what they’re looking for. As such, long-tailed keywords will become important for blog authors and site owners.

Keyboard Search; RayBan glasses campaign
Voice call ; Where can I find RayBan glasses that are in the campaign?

– It will suffice to create long headings by detecting the words that are searched for the upper seats.

– My blog should have the “Frequently Asked Questions” page that I use on my page and you should arrange these questions according to the spoken language.

– Check your mobile page’s mobile compatibility as searches are made mostly from smart devices.

– Although voice dialing is not used by everyone at this point, it is obvious that most of the calls in the following years will be done with this method. If care is taken already and seo compatibility is achieved, it becomes advantageous for those who are actively involved. We can sail into new opportunities if they are the first to catch the wrong.

– If you have code knowledge or you can find a suitable theme, having a voice search feature in the “Search Box” box will be an important step in life-saving terms.

– Get your strategic letters and pages for question patterns like What, How, Where, Kim, and When.

– In 2020, half of the calls will be made through voice dialing, but if you get caught up in the traffic obtained. Begin to prepare texts in spoken language related to your immediate topics.

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