Visibility and Visiting Effect on Blogs

When we say a blog, many of our minds are writings, articles, phrases, words come naturally. But that does not mean that writing ends with everything. One important issue that we need to focus on as Blogger is the blog’s visibility and impact on the visitor. I’il explain it to you …


According to a scientific study by the university that you can review here, a new visitor to your site has an idea about your site in 50 milliseconds. There is only one way to make a positive impact on visitors in such a short time; Visuals. Otherwise, the visitor may say goodbye to your blog without reading the valuable content you wrote with just a handful of labor.


Is not that so in normal life anyway? Even if you have a restaurant with the most delicious food in the world, no one will come in and see the menu if there is a place that looks like a wreck from the outside, broken chairs, dirty staff.


Get Feedback on View of Your Blog

You may have used a theme that you like very much in your blog and have arranged it as you like. Your liking is undoubtedly important, but here’s what you need to keep in front of the plan. Because, with neutral and realistic interpretations, people are the ones who will guide you in the most right way. It also has various ways.


1. You can ask them to share their ideas about the visuals from the blog by preparing a post and going to the comments section. This method is recommended to get feedback from your old and regular readers.


2. You can get quick feedback on the sidebar of your blog by adding a survey at a visible location. This method is recommended for feedback from users who visit your blog rarely or for the first time.


3. You can learn from other bloggers, designers, or users by discussing topics in various forums or online communities. This method has never been your blog, but is recommended for feedback from experienced people.


Visually Impressive Visual Factors in Blogs


You do not have to be a top-level designer or programmer to visually enhance your blog. And what I’m talking about here is not finding a perfect theme. Minor changes you make by using free online tools and useful resources on the internet are enough to leave a positive impression.


– Color: The colors you will use in your blog should reflect your tone, tone, style. Incorrect color usage can cause your blog to leave as soon as the reader is looking. There are some free tools you can use to choose the right color combinations for your blog; Color Lovers – Colord – Color Combos – Adobe Color


– Photos: The quality and attention to your photos that you’ll use in blog posts and in various places in your blog can also improve your blog visually. We always recommend using high-quality (HD) and eye-catching photos. I may be able to help you write 15 sources that you can download for free such photos.


– Typography: One of the most common mistakes in blog design is font usage. Using different types of fonts and fonts that are disproportionate to read on behalf of being different may miss visitors. If you have encountered such a complaint in the fedbacks you have received, check out your tipoge.


– CSS: By adding simple and small CSS codes to your blog, you can get remarkable results. In this regard, you can find many resources on the internet and you can use CSS 3 Maker-like tools that I use frequently.

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