Why AdSense Applications Are Rejected And Solutions

There is no doubt that AdSense blog is the best advertising network you can use to earn money, but it’s not so easy to join this ad network. That’s why there is an intense search for “AdSense application not approved” and rejection of their application.

The essential thing for an AdSense application to be approved is naturalness and reality. AdSense has thousands of advertisers and these advertisers are pouring tons of money into Google every day to run their ads. Google wants these ads to appear on quality sites. The main issue that he focuses on is quality.

AdSense application rates are very low and are usually rejected for the following 4 reasons. I have tried to explain what the reason of rejection of the 4 most common AdSense applications is and what can be done to avoid this warning again.

AdSense rejection reasons and solutions

1. Insufficient Content

The vast majority of AdSense applications are being rejected for “inadequate content”. Blog authors who have received insufficient content warning are misleading that it is related to the number of posts. However, the reason for the adoption of this notation is the content of the writing as well as the name.

So, AdSense is a contextual advertising network. In other words, to publish a site advertisements, it must have an ad related to the content of that site. If you can not associate your AdSense content with any of its ads, it will give “inadequate content” warning.

In addition, your site must be searchable by AdSense bots. Some meta-codes restrict access to the site’s boots. In this case too, AdSense will give “warning of insufficient content” because it can not identify the content.

Another reason to get this warning is that the content of the site consists of media elements like visuals, graphics, video rather than text. Even if there are such media items in the content, writing down something about that media’s content may be a solution to some extent.

2. Your site is very new

One of the most common denials of AdSense applications made shortly after opening a blog is that the site is very new. Google specifies that the AdSense participation requirements page states that an application must be active for at least six months to be assessed. The reason for this is just to distinguish between AdSense-based sites and quality sites.

Instead of making an AdSense application immediately after opening a blog, it will be right to develop a blog for at least 6 months, to produce content, and to apply after the blog has reached a certain level.

3. The site is not Google AdSense policy

This warning is usually related to the design, usability and privacy of the site. The applicant site must have a clean, mobile-friendly design and should be able to navigate easily within the site. You should not use popups from the right side of the blog, from left to right, from top to bottom, and no annoying plugs to disturb visitors.

In addition, the referral site must have a privacy policy page and the majority of traffic sources must be Google calls. Applying a modern theme to the blog, adding pages such as communication & privacy, applying without organic traffic, the “Site is not Google AdSense Policy” warning may be rejected.

4. Inappropriate Content

Google does not accept sites as publisher sites that contain certain materials to live with legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, legal, and governmental relationships with individuals and organizations. If one of the content on the site is prohibited, the AdSense application will be rejected with an “inappropriate content” warning.

The banned content of AdSense are:

Adult content
Dangerous or insulting content
Drugs, tobacco products or alcohol-related ingredients
Hack, crack, warez content
Guns and violent content
Drug and nutritional supplement sales
Fraudulent and untrue content
Illegal content
If one of the prohibited contents that you can find in the detailed list is included in the site, the application made without removing this content is not likely to be approved.

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